Amplify Your Message: A Social Media Amplification Toolkit


Did you know, only 12-5% of your followers see your social posts? 🤯

Making your message heard on social media has become so difficult and time-consuming. Rather than paying for advertising to boost your social media posts, try a social amplification strategy instead!

Activists don't have time for that!

Best for: non-profits, campaigns, activists, entrepreneurs, small businesses

What You’ll Get

✅ Checklist to activate your own amplification campaign

📲 An Amplification for Advocacy Template to easily use to ask your partners, employees, and supporters for help boosting your posts

📔 An interactive guide to plan your amplification campaign

🎨 Social Media Best Practices Tips to create compelling posts

Get 2-10x more views with this guide and template!

With so much at stake in politics and advocacy work, social amplification can be a powerful tool to spread the word and amplify the work!

In this guide you will learn:

  • What social amplification is
  • Social media best practices
  • Real-world political examples of social amplification
  • How to develop a social amplification campaign
  • How to create a social toolkit to get more views and reach for your posts
  • How to leverage relational organizing for social media

Make Your Message Heard with Social Amplification!

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Amplification Guide
Social Media Best Practices
Amplification Template
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Amplify Your Message: A Social Media Amplification Toolkit